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Village Capital, in collaboration with PayPal, global digital payments leader, is launching Village Capital FinTech: Latin America 2018 to support the best startups promoting financial health in Latin America. In this second regional edition Citibanamex Compromiso Social, joins the program to provide resources and personalized attention for companies solving the most important problems in the region. Join our Village Capital FinTech: Latin America 2018 - Community Event on Wednesday, April 18 in Bogotá. More about the program at bitly.com/FTLA18.

Village Capital's upcoming investment-readiness program builds bridges between early-stage entrepreneurs and they capital they through three months of support for the top startups with technology solutions to challenges in financial health (FinTech) in Latin America. At the end of the program, the companies will evaluate the other participants of the program, and the two companies with the highest ranking will be offered an investment of USD$75,000 each by VilCap Investments.

We are interested in high potential, early stage entrepreneurs in Latin America that are helping improve financial health, particularly those that:

  • Increase the use of financial products that users can trust and use in their daily lives.
  • Inform users transparently, punctually and directly about the benefits and costs incurred in the financial products they offer in order to generate security and confidence in their use.
  • Use existing distribution channels to increase access to electronic payments and digital services, in addition to facilitating the transfer of funds regardless of location.
  • Encourage the administration of money, withdrawals, savings, and investment of the population through formal personal finance tools.
  • Democratize access to new payment methods, financial instruments and credit products to small and medium businesses, as well as those that help digitize cash.
  • Reduce the cost of servicing financial services with innovative solutions for fraud prevention, AML, KYC, and digital tracking of transactions.

Help us find entrepreneurs! Media kit here!

For more information about the program and the event, please contact Rafael Hernández at rafael.hernandez@vilcap.com

Village Capital Fintech: LatAm 2018 - Community Event (Bogotá)
Village Capital
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
The Click Clack Hotel - Bar Apache, Bogotá
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